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webassets/cam.gifThe Camouflage of Delilah:This book is a southern fictional biography about the life of a girl named Delilah. The story begins around the 1940s when biracial was absolutely not acceptable. Delilah’s mom was a lady of the night. At a young age, Delilah’s mom told her she was “a woman of color” and that she could play both sides. Delilah was pulled into a life of agony and despair, but faith helped her to persevere. She didn’t know were her mother was and she definitely didn’t know who her father was. Delilah’s life was confusing, until out of curiosity she found some answers about her mother and her father. One thing Delilah learned through all her ups and downs, “CHARACTER IS STRONGER THAN COLOR!”

webassets/cam2.gifDelilah Too! It was about survival with Delilah after she met a mysterious older woman who taught her how to survive in two worlds of race, and unlocked a childhood secret that changed her life forever. Even though these pieces were fulfilled in the first of the series, The Camouflage of Delilah, other fragments were tagging along in her life. Her lifestyle was great due to the inheritance from her biological father. Mom was finally stable and doing her motherly duties, but there were still some voids in Delilah’s life. Will Delilah ever be able to have a passionate relationship with a man? Has Delilah left the past behind? Is Delilah the only living relative of her father? Just when she thought the camouflaging was over, it was only the beginning.


webassets/sil.gifSilent Predator:Have you heard the saying, “Sleep tight; don’t let the bed bugs bite!”? Could this really be true? Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there! Some things are better off staying in the dead zone. That’s what Pamela Jones thinks. She is a remarkable young lady with a lot to offer. She is a popular girl in a secluded community, destined for success. But strange happenings begin in her life that only appear during sleep. Paranormal experiences begin to overshadow her life. Is it a gift or a curse? Only her destiny will tell. Can she stand the pressures of her surroundings? Even though she is diagnosed with sleep paralysis, can her psychiatrist, Dr. Hunt, save her from her fears? Will Pamela have to seek outside of the normal world for her sanity? Is the phenomenon beyond man’s comprehension? Some things are better off ignored, especially in Silent Predator, the book that can bite you forever. “Inspired by Actual Sleep Paralysis Events”



TAME: "Killing My Intimacy"

Resa Farnell TAME (Taking All My Energy): “Killing My Intimacy” This book is the first of the women inspirational fiction series. Diamond Oslo is a talented African-American female rhythm-and-blues artist with a strong Christian background. She is young and destined for success in the wrong places. She coveted pride and arrogance until it led her into a world of deceit. Even though Diamond is faced with a lot of mishaps, her inner faith gradually gives her a bolt of power to realize that roses can bloom even in the midst of thorns and thistles. In reality, the thorns and thistles were only life lessons to bring out the true essence of faith that God had placed in her from the beginning.


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