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Upcoming Classes:

Me Myself & I
Inspirational Self-Concept Revival  
Starting January 10, 2016
Every Second Sunday Night
Time 6:00pm-7:30pm 




 The School of the Prophets, Prophetic People and Pulpit Etiquete Training

Facilitiated by Jessica Boatwright 


The School of Prophets and Prophetic People 

Starting February 15, 2016

Pupil Etiquete

Starting March, 2016 


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Breaking the chains that bind

Membership Application is now Available!!

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Important Information for Members: 

Ø  The Zion’s Daughters of Distinction Ministries Inc. is an organization for youth, women and their families who have the desire to be in the perfect will of God.

Ø  Zion’s Daughters of Distinction Ministries Inc. was formed to assist ministries all over the world in teaching families to become distinctive and God fearing.

Ø  To receive information monthly about the ministry or to become members please send in your application, by email or by mail.

Ø  Our future goals are on the website, which will interact globally with all woman of any faith of the true living God, forming a sisterhood in Christ.

Ø  We will also have revival services monthly through out the United States…please look on the website www.daughtersfaith.org for details and dates. Our website is updated frequently, so please visit it regularly for upcoming events and information.

Ø  “Ask a sister” on our website, is a way for our sisters to submit questions anonymously and get the answers they are looking for as well as get the issues other sisters seeking answers.

Ø  Members will be able to network across globally to sisters in Christ. You can send your prayer requests and other information through the website and emails.

Ø  Workshops of various topics will be posted on the website.

o    (If your interested in having a workshop in your area please email us at daughtersfaith@bellsouth.net)

Ø  Listen to the monthly revival services online (coming soon).

Ø  Our information on networking this ministry into your community will be coming soon. Please email Sister Teresa at daughtersfaith@bellsouth.net with your information if you are interested in heading this ministry in your area.

Ø  Zion’s Daughters of Distinction Ministries does not obligate monthly seed sowing, however if you are lead by God to donate to this ministry, donations are welcomed. Your donations will help further the ministry abroad.


"Bringing women out of captivity into the divine will of God"

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