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Dear Community Supporter,

Ever since our inception in 2007, we have been able to make a positive change in the lives of over 2,000 families a year, imparting them the basic primary needs and providing them spiritual, mental, and physical support, which we believe is vital to a person who desire to go beyond just existing.

The speed of ZDOD’s growth means we will be serving more youth, elderly, women and their families in our community. Therefore we are asking the community as individuals to invest into their neighbors, “We are our brother’s keeper”. We presently, have a “Pennies from Heaven” sponsorship. With this funding we will be able to continue sufficiently accommodate the most vital basic needs of our community, whether it is medical, dental, utilities, rent, clothing, household goods, food, counseling, education, and etc. We are looking through the eyes of our community to invest back into someone who is less fortunate than us. Even though we ourselves may be lacking, we can always find someone who is in a worse state.

Through “Pennies from Heaven”, we will be able to see a community of individuals come together and invest in the lives and future of others. Also, it is awesome for our youth, this is one of the ways they will learn the value of investing into their community.

We would be ever so grateful if you would donate an amount of $1(less than 4 cents a day) a month or $12 dollars a year (It is up to you if you desire to donate more) toward the “Pennies from Heaven” Sponsorship. Through this sponsorship your name will be recognized on our website and also on a Donor Display in ZDOD’s main office lobby area (we will respect those who wish to remain anonymous). Please fill out the attach sponsorship form. If more than one person in your household desire to donate, you are permitted to make Xerox copies of the form.
Look at our programs pages to see what your seed will helps us to provide for.
P. S. You are welcome to visit our main office and see the great provisions God has bestowed upon us for His people through the SWAN Program and JEWELS (youth component).

Yours Faithfully,
Sister Teresa Farnell
Chief Executive Officer 






“It‘s the small things that count”

Hats off to our Community Sponsors: * represents one year of being a donor

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